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Starfield Pocket Card Game Thumbnail

A handheld solo card game based upon the world of Starfield designed and produced by myself. In the Starfield Pocket Game, you will be traveling from planet to planet building allies, plundering settlements, and collecting rewards. Your goal is to gather as many Victory Points (VP) as possible, but you have a limited amount of fuel in your spaceship to do so.

Brick Flick Thumbnail

Brick Flick is a quick-play action experience with smooth controls, chill ambient music, and crisp sound effects. It's designed with physics-based mechanics that are easy to learn and difficult to master, while also being a fun way to fill those small awkward time gaps in your day.

Cloak & Fang Thumbnail

Cloak & Fang is a competitive board game for 2-4 players in which each player takes on the role of a fledgling vampire, competing for control over a small town. Control requires power, and gaining power involves manipulating the town's residents in order to feed upon their blood. Before the night is done, one vampire will stand above the rest, claiming this corner of the world for themselves!

Stretchy Dash Thumbnail

Enjoy a fast-paced and unique mobile runner.

  • Use easy-to-learn swipe controls to avoid dangerous obstacles and gather more pickups

  • Compete on a global leaderboard to get the highest scores

  • Delve into a vibrant neon world

  • Complete challenging achievements

  • Take on an ever-increasing difficulty

  • Play offline and try to beat your personal high score

  • Do all of this without any ads or in-app purchases!

Set In Stone Prototype Homescreen Thumbnail

A 3D first person puzzle game designed and developed in Unity. This is a proof of concept for a core mechanic focused on enabling and disabling certain objects in the scene, using switches powered by the light of the sun.

Visit my page to check out and play my entries to the many game jams I've taken part in since 2013. Game Grid Icon
Button Shy Contest Finalist Screencap

My entry into Button Shy's periodic 18 Card Challenge contest, with the Theme "Worker Placement". Cloak & Fang is a two-player worker placement game in which each player is the leader of a faction of vampires vying for control over a small village. This contest entry is the predecessor of my Cloak & Fang board game (see above).


A track made using, composed mostly of prebuilt loops as well as some custom vocal tracks.

Four Against Darkness Book Cover

These pages are my own custom reference documentation for the solo tabletop RPG Four Against Darkness. These pages outline many of the  products and services you can find within the shops of Troublesome Towns. They are compiled from content stretching across over a dozen supplement books.

Bloodborne Alternative Solo Rules

This document outlines an alternate rule set for solo play of the Bloodborne Board Game from CMON. Within is described a set of "house rules" meant to mitigate a few subjective issues I’ve had with how the hunt track feels in single player.

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